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WVU Esports to offer youth summer camps


WVU Esports will begin offering camps in June.

The WVU Esports team will offer gamers ages 11 and older an immersive and technical experience through a series of camps this summer based on skill levels in Rocket League, Valorant and Madden.

Camps will be held online from 1-5 p.m. beginning June 3.

Students who participate in the camps will get a chance to work alongside some of the best collegiate esports players in the world. The WVU Esports program has won four national championships — three in Rocket League and one in Madden — and has one national runner-up finish in Valorant. 

Players from all three teams rank among the best in the world at their respective games and have competed in and coached at high levels on the professional scene as well as in college. 

“At the beginning of the semester meeting, we talked to the players about being productive members of society. And for them, part of that involves giving back to the youth,” said Josh Steger, Esports director and varsity head coach. “In order for WVU to continue to be a championship program in esports, we have to make sure we are nurturing the next groups of champions in our own backyard.” 

High school and middle school students will have the option of joining a Developmental Camp or an Elite Camp. 

Developmental Camps will focus primarily on learning the basics of the game and improving the players’ individual skill sets and are open to students 11 years old and up of any rank or skill level in their games. The cost is $50.

Elite Camps will focus on learning feedback about play, gaining in-depth knowledge about mechanics and in-game play, emotional management and effective communication. Each camp will have a limited number of spots available and will be open to high school players with aspirations of competing in college and beyond. The cost is $65.

To compete in a Madden Elite Camp, players must be at least 14 years old. Valorant Elite Campers must be 16 years or older and have a minimum rank of Ascendant in the game, while Rocket League Elite Campers must be at least 13 years old and a minimum rank of Champ. 

“The Developmental Camp is to really take the pressure off kids. We just want them to learn at their pace and fall in love with the process of their growth,” Steger said. “Our Elite Camps will help refine the talent. A lot of gamers believe if you have good mechanics, you’ll be great, and that’s not true. At the end of the Elite Camps, we are wanting players to feel like they were challenged and have new expectations for themselves.” 

Parents must sign a waiver for their children to participate and participants will need a valid Discord username and game account to participate. 

WVU Esports offers discount codes for players participating in two or more camps, contact for discount information. 

Learn more and sign up for the camps.

For more updates about WVU Esports, follow the program at @WVUEsports on X and watch live events from all the varsity esports teams at