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Joshua Kell

Joshua Kell

Horizon AVL and Esports Integration

Describe your experience in esports:

Over the past seven years, Horizon AVL and Esports Integration have worked with clients both in the education and private esports sectors. We aim to build facilities that help learners explore and achieve their professional careers and goals. 


The importance of esports in education:

Esports in education equips students with a diverse skill set, technological proficiency, and a competitive edge. It prepares them for careers in various fields, ranging from technology and STEM to leadership, creativity, and teamwork, ultimately aligning them with the demands of the modern workforce. 


How can the WVU program help learners better prepare for the industry:

WVU's esports program is a comprehensive outlook on esports and supporting industries. It encompasses and captures a thorough view of the opportunities and prepares the learner with the transferable skills necessary for a career.